Installation of Tropf-Blumat at roof terrace green house

Below you will find the content of a letter that we received from one of our first customers who used the Tropf-Blumat system in his greenhouse on the roof of his house in Opole. Mr. Anatol agreed to publish his opinion available to other visitors of our website. We decided to present it to you because thanks to our system Mr. Anatol obtained a great harvest in his greenhouse and described it to us in a very interesting way. We would like to share it with you.
We always want our customers to be satisfied with the products they buy from us, and frankly speaking, we haven't yet had a customer who wouldn't be satisfied. Nevertheless, when we received the letter, at the first moment we thought that something went wrong and Mr. Anatol did not have a successful holiday. But read it yourself (Translated with

"Allow us to share our insights from several months of operation of the Blumat systems. We installed the system with a view to a peaceful holiday, and we are used to travel far and for 4 weeks. We decided not to burden children with additional activities in our greenhouse, because now they have a yearly consolation and many other professional duties.

But to the point - the system has exceeded our expectations, in short it is almost brilliant and after small modifications it is really perfect. We came back after a month of holidays and what we saw in our greenhouse was classified rather as fiction scene films. Our plants overgrown everything so thoroughly that it was impossible to enter the greenhouse, let alone pass by. Cucumbers of 1.5 - 2.0 kg hung on the bushes (3.0 m of bushes) - we collected over 40 kg from the floor alone, and the rest we are still fighting today and a few weeks have passed. Paprika and tomatoes are doing well, other plants grow like on the proverbial yeast. We are aware that this is due to proper irrigation.

I said that the system is almost brilliant, because it lacked the possibility of fertilisation. We solved this quickly by installing a necklace bottle behind the reducer with two tubes in the cork - the inlet and the outlet. Sleep a little bit of fertilizer into the bottle, pour water, turn off the bottle and the system works as before, but it feeds the plants (in our case the jungle) with the necessary mineral salts. I allowed myself to attach a few photos to illustrate this.

Anatol H. (Opole, 12.07.2009)"

cucumber jungle
Roof green house has turned into a jungle of cucumber plants
huge cucumber plant
Huge cucumber plant, still blooming
fertilizer bottle
Thanks to this self made fertilizer bottle the plants are not only automatically supplied with water but fattened too

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