How solitary plants can make it through vacation?

Window sill
No problem to water those manually when at home

Did you ever have the problem of wanting to go for vacation, and having all but a few small plants connected to your Tropf-Blumat watering system?

Normally it's not an issue to water them by watering can. They don't need a lot of water, nor get watered often, and they might be forgiving if they havent' got any water for a day or two. But they wouldn't forgive getting dried out a week or more. And their pot might be even too small for a Tropf-Blumat cone. So, how to get them over the vacation alive?

Host plant
Water's here
All plants and distribution drippers
1 distribution dripper for each guest and 1 for host

Why not letting them be guest with a larger plant pot, which already is part of your watering chain, and which has some space left in the plant pot? All you need is a distribution dripper for each of the guest plants, plus one for the host. No need to change the adjustment of your host plant. Now every time the host plant "requests" water, the guests will be getting water too. Should it be more than they need, the surplus water will just trickle through to the host.

Plants with distribution drippers installed
3 distributions drippers (one not visible)
All plants in one pot
Happy plants family

This might not be the ideal water supply for the guest plants, but for sure it's enough to survive your vacation time. After your return from vacation you might want to return to your manual watering plan. All you need to do is remove all the distribution drippers and put the guest plants back to their original place. Or perhaps you'll find out that these plants prefer to be guests.

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