How to install Tropf Blumat


Unscrew the green cap
Fill the lower part brim full with water.   Screw both parts together tightly again.
Hint: Screw down the brown adjustment bolt until resistance is sensible. This closes the unit and prevents swamping later. Lay the Tropf-Blumat units in water for an hour.                       

In the meantime irrigate soil in flower containers amply.   Put the Tropf-Blumat units in the soil at a distance of 25cm. Cut the proper lengths from feeder hose and connect the Tropf-Blumat with them.When all Tropf-Blumat are connected, connect and open the water source.                 


Open and afterwards close adjustment bolts. In wet soil it must just stop dripping. Then screw down brown cap additional two marks. Fine adjustment: Right - dry ; left - humid.

The adjusted level of moisture will be automatically kept constant under all conditions.