Installation service for Tropf Blumat

   Installing the Tropf Blumat system is simple, even without having experience or manual skills. Check out here how easy to install the system in five simple steps.

However, for large installations or for more complicated installation cases you might want to have help of experienced installers. The Blumat professional installation service offers a turnkey state Tropf Blumat system on your balcony, terrace, roof garden, or where ever you like, out of a single hand. The service is offered by our experienced installation partners and includes the following:

  • Inspection of your site. Projecting.
  • Installation of the Tropf Blumat system. Laying of all necessary pipes. First adjustment.
  • Connection of the system to your water source. This can be ideally your water pipe, if neccessary inside your house. The service guarantees the safe laying of the water tubings in order to prevent leaks. Or it can be an elevated container which will purchased and installed in coordination with you.
  • Monitoring the correct working of the system in regular intervalles desired by you, if wished for the whole season.
  • Refilling the water container if applicable.
  • Demounting of the frost sensitive parts at the end of the season, remounting at the beginning of the next season.

The Blumat professional installation service is at the moment available in the following regions:

  • Warsaw
  • Swidnica
  • Migrod logo

If you would like to know more about the Blumat Professional installation service please cont

act us.