Blumat wins Consumer Award 2009

Grupa Media Partner, an editing house which publishes enclosures to notable Polish daily newspapers, has awarded Blumat Polska the prize 'Discovery Of The Year 2009' in the section 'watering accessories'. Click here for more information.

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Tropf-Blumat: Fitting to all use cases

The Tropf Blumat system is utterly flexible. Each Tropf Blumat unit irrigates ground in diameter of 20 to 25 cm. It can be used for all plants outdoors, regardless whether on balconies, windows, terraces, roof gardens, in green houses. Plants with different water consumption can be easely combined since each Tropf Blumat unit regulates only the soil moisture in which it sits.

With water tap with elevated water container  

The best way to supply water is to connect the Tropf Blumat system to the water tap. If no water tap is available an elevated tank can also be used. The tank has to be elevated by 10cm for each meter length of your watering system, but not less then 50cm.

The complete sets to start with contain 12 dripping units in the Tropf-Blumat set for 3m irrigated length and 40 dripping units in the Tropf-Blumat set for 10m length. All necessary connectors and tubings are included. The bigger set already comes with a pressure reducer for connection to a ¾ '' tap.

Subsequent amendments are of no problem. If you want to insert new plantings into your existing watering system, all you need is a scissor and additional tricklers. Dependent on your needs you can extend the system to up to 250 tricklers per one supply tubing, using the T-branch connector even to up to 500. So even really spacious arrangements of plants can be irrigated. See different applications / use cases in the gallery.

  On two floors House and garden equipped

Tropf Blumat Maxi  

For the accurate irrigation of plants in larger plant containers, bushes, and perennials, it’s neccessary to measure the moisture deeper in the soil, since in this cases the roots are deeper. The best solution here is Tropf-Blumat-Maxi. Its longer shank guaranties the ideal degree of humidity on the spot of the roots.

For the other extrem case, that the depth of the planter is too shallow for a regular Tropf-Blumat we offer Tropf Blumat for Bonsai. It has a shortened ceramic cone (approx. 3cm) which can get competely covered by soil also in Bonsai pots.

  Tropf Blumat Bonsai
Tropf Blumat and Distribution tricklers Distribution tricklers used to irrigate tomatoes glass house with several use cases  

Both Tropf Blumat and Tropf Blumat Maxi can be used in conjunction with distribution tricklers. This allows for a very economic way of irrigating several plants of similar water consumption, controlled by only one Tropf Blumat. Up to 5 distribution tricklers can be chained up, which distribute the water evenly on long bed rows or large-size plant containers for example. The first distribution trickler ought to be situated in approx. 12-15 cm distance from the controlling Tropf Blumat. The first one provides the feedback to the sensor. The other distribution tricklers have a distance of 20 to 25 cm each to the previous one.

Tropf Blumat is intended for outdoor usage. For irrigating your room plants or other plants with little water consumption we recommend Blumat for room plants.

New Products

Tropf-Blumat Maxi incl. T-connector 8-3-8 mm, 2 pack

Tropf-Blumat Maxi incl. T-connector 8-3-8 mm, 2 pack

Blumat watering sensor and trickler at once. Reacts upon moisture or dry surrounding by starting or stopping to trickle.
11,50 EUR
incl. 23 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
1 x 'Tropf-Blumat Maxi incl. T-connector 8-3-8 mm, 2 pack' order

Blumat Irrigation set for greenhouses - Blumat 50

Blumat Irrigation set for greenhouses - Blumat 50

Tropf-Blumat irrigation set for self-assembly. Recommended for use in garden, greenhouse and hotbed. 100 drippers which start to work if soil moisture, in which they sit, is too low.
173,75 EUR
incl. 23 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
1 x 'Blumat Irrigation set for greenhouses - Blumat 50' order

Tropf-Blumat set for 3 m window boxes

Tropf-Blumat set for 3 m window boxes

Tropf-Blumat starter set. Includes everything needed to water your plants automatically from an elevated tank.
58,50 EUR
incl. 23 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
1 x 'Tropf-Blumat set for 3 m window boxes' order