Blumat for house plants

How much water does a plant need? There are dozens of answers to this question. To say the truth: no-one knows beforehand. Light and temperature situations, the size of the pot, and last but not least the habits of the plant itself may vary too much. Naturally cyclamens which origin from chilled mountains need less water than the Egypt swamp plant papyrus.

With the nowadays habit of using planters (inner plus outer pots) from ceramic or terracotta, it got even more difficult to guess when it's time for watering. Even if someone has a 'green thumb', and checks moisture by touching into the soil: one can only guess how moist the bale is. The bales of roots disappear in the outer pots in darkness. It's impossible to see the downside of the pot. Occasional controls often result in the diagnose: 'submerged'. Therefore the loss quota for Ficus Benjamin, Azalea, Cyclamen, Palm tree, Gum-tree, Cactus, Saintpaulia Ionantha and Orchid is high. The solution of the problem is simple, inexpensive and proven thousandfold during vacation time: automatic watering!

With the system BLUMAT, a clay cone feels, better than a men's finger ever could, with the same priciple then a root, whether or not the plant needs water. The clay cone sucks in water via a thin tubing from a store container (can, pot or vase), as much as is required. It supplies the water to the soil and stops the process as soon as the soil is moist. Grandmothers have used wool strings which also worked somehow. With the genius and simple BLUMAT sensors the plants are being watered better and more accurate, even in the nicely looking, but dangerous outer planter pots.