Comparison Tropf-Blumat / Blumat for houseplants


Blumat for house plants

Typical use cases plants in containers or in ground with medium to high water consumption pot plants with low water consumption
Where to use outdoors and in water proof environment (balconies, teraces, winter gardens, green houses). Since it requires an installation of tubings and connectors it always bears a minimal risk of leakage. indoors and outdoors. The soak tubing is very unlikely to leak.
Installation required yes no
Units to be filled with water before use yes yes
Units to be watered before use yes yes
Units work with positive water pressure (0.1 ... 1,3 bar) negative water pressure (<10mbar)
Source of water water tap 3/4" (via pressure reducer) elevated tank (via elevated tank connector) a nearby water container (vase, pot, buttle)
Capacity of Water unlimited the tank volume the container volume
Can the plant be on a higher level than the source of water? yes, up to 4m, without impact on water dispension no, tank must be higher (min. 10cm per 1m tubing, not less than 50cm) yes, up to 50cm, but it causes lower water dispension
Refill intervals for tank / container (1) never 3 to 7 days (dependend from container size) 7 to 14 days (dependend from container size), every 4 to 8 weeks water once manually
Supply capacity per day (2) 0ml... >1000 liters 0ml... >100 liters regular size (here): up to 125ml,
size XL: up to 250ml
Max. distance from water source 60m 60m 60cm, with extension (connector + 3mm-hose or this set) up to 2m
Clay cone acts as sensor only, regulates the stream of water in the drip tubing via membran direct dispenser
Moisture regulation possible yes, via adjustment bolt limited yes, via elevating / lowering water container
(1) during warm summer period, system must be adjusted beforehand
(2) theoretically, per unit