Questions and Answers

  1. Are there any chemicals involved in the way it works? No. Both systems Tropf-Blumat and Blumat for house plants work with osmose, which is a pure physical phenomenon.
  2. Can Blumat and Tropf-Blumat moisturers be used for only one season or longer? Blumat as well as Tropf-Blumat moisturers can be used for many years. There is nothing in them which weares out. When the porosity of the ceramic cones decreases due to layers of salt they can be rubbed down with sand paper. All plastic parts are made from durable material which resists ultraviolet light. Blumat Polska gives a two years guarantee on all it's products.
  3. What to do if Blumat runs dry? If the water container gets empty, or the water supply of the tap stops, the ceramic cones will get dry too. In order to make them work again they have to be refilled.
  4. Can Blumat be used for carnivores too? Yes. Carnivores can be watered by Tropf-Blumat as well as by Blumat for house plants.
  5. Do Blumat or Tropf-Blumat moisturers calcify? No. Unlike other watering systems water is being dispensed via a soft silicon hose rather then via a nozzle. In case of a layer of calc at the end of the drip tubing it can be easely removed by light squeezing of the tubing. Therefore it is also save to put fertilizer directly into the water tank. The only risk for calcifying or clogging exists for the distribution drippers, which is an extension for Tropf-Blumat. That's why it is not recommended to use direct application of fertilizer in conjunction with distribution drippers.
  6. Can plants of differents water consumption be watered simultaneously?Yes. With the Tropf-Blumat system each unit detects on its place whether the desired moisture is reached and reacts upon. Each Tropf-Blumat can be adjusted to a different moisture level. Blumat units for house plants too react upon the current moisture level in its surrounding. If one plant requires more moistured soil than others it is recommended to use two or more units in that pot.
  7. Is the watering on different levels possible, for example planters on the floor, flower pots on the window sill, and hanging baskets from the ceiling? With Tropf-Blumat it's no problem, if plants watered from the same system are positioned on different levels, provided that either the system is connected to the tap, or an elevated tank is higher than the highest flower pot (see next question). Each unit detects on its place if the desired moisture is reached and reacts upon. The difference in water pressure due to different levels can be easely compensated by adjustment of the adjustment bolt. With Blumat for house plants it is adviced to use several water containers, if plants on different levels shall be watered, since differences in level affect the water dispension crucially.
  8. Can the plant containers be positioned on a higher level than the source of water? Tropf-Blumat: Yes, if it gets the water from the tap. With a water tap and the pressure reducer, your plants might be up to 4m higher than the tap. If the length of the 8mm supply tubing is not longer than 20m, even plants which are 7m higher than the tap will still get properly watered. Tropf-Blumat: No, if the water source for Tropf-Blumat is an elevated tank. In that case the plant containers have to be lower. In order to have sufficient supply of water, a drop of 10cm per 1m tubing length is required. The minimum drop is 50cm. So for example if the distance between your water tank and the last plant container is 8m, the outlet of the tank needs to be 80cm (or more) higher than the surface of the soil. Blumat for house plants: The level difference between the water container and the moisturer is critical for the amount of water dispensed. For the most cases a slightly lower tank (10cm) is ideal. If the tank is on a too low position (50cm or more), the plant will get too less water. If the tank is elevated, the dispension of water is increased. But it involves the danger of flooding. For higher water consumption the usage of Blumat XL or two or more moisturers is advised.
  9. Does Blumat or Tropf-Blumat require electric installation or programming? No, neither Tropf-Blumat nor Blumat for house plants require electric or programming. They control themselves by osmose via the water filled ceramic cone.