Goodbye to summer


Someday there will certainly be a moment when this beautiful summer will end. Then what about our irrigation system? 

 If the temperatures are positive, we do not have to worry too much about the aura outside the window. Of course, if our seasonal plants have gone with the summer, we can dismantle the temperature-sensitive elements of the irrigation system. When the temperatures drop below 0, we proceed to secure the drip irrigation system. First, we need to take care of the Tropf-Blumat ceramic drippers with a humidity sensor. If they are in standard, non-insulated pots or flower boxes, we take them out of the ground and, after cleaning, move them to a warmer room. Together with the drippers, we protect the pressure reducer because if water remains in it and frost comes, unfortunately, it may damage the reducer. All other components of the irrigation system can remain in place. There is no need to disassemble the pipes or distribution drippers. If we use the irrigation system to water trees and in late autumn or warm winter still need irrigation, and they are on the terrace not too close to the ground in pots protected against frost, we can leave the Tropf-Blumat Maxi drippers in them for longer, even for the whole winter. You only need to check if there is still water in them after the summer. After 6 months of using the irrigation system, the amount of water in Tropf-Blumat drippers decreases and they need to be refilled. 

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