How to care for an Asparagus Fern?


Sprenger's asparagus is a plant with long, slender shoots with leaves transformed into curved thorns. It is a plant that grows best in a bright position and will feel good on a southern windowsill. Only in the summer you should move it a little away from the window so that the sun does not fall directly on it, placing it, for example, behind a curtain. Our window is south-west and the plant did very well there. Asparagus of this type should be regularly watered with large doses of water because the substrate should be constantly slightly moist. We used the Blumat Classic ceramic dispenser for watering. Before inserting the ceramic cone of the dispenser into the ground, water it well with a watering can. Then we place the soaked in water and filled with water dispenser in the pot with the plant. Later, we just must remember to refill the water in the tank from which the dispenser will take it. We were so busy that we forgot about it and noticed that the plant immediately started shedding its leaves. After re-supplying the water, everything was back to normal. In winter, we should reduce the watering of our plant a little. If we use Blumat dispensers for watering, we should reduce the water supply by placing the tank below the plant level. 

 We should also remember that asparagus requires high air humidity and we should spray it intensively, especially in winter when it stands on a windowsill heated by a radiator. 

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