How to help your room plants to survive the winter?


When it's cold outside, it's nice to sit in a warm house and look at the greenery of home plants. Especially in such moments, we appreciate their proximity, which gives us a feeling of contact with nature. It is such a miniature green garden, which we will not find outside the window until spring. In order to enjoy the beauty of indoor plants, we must to take care of them properly because winter is a particularly difficult time for them. Indoor plants, whether they are potted all year round or have been moved indoors for the winter, face many challenges. Changing temperatures during the day, dry air from radiators, short days with limited light, are less than ideal conditions for the development of plants. 

First, adjust your watering rhythm!

It may seem counterintuitive, but indoor plants need less water in the winter if they are not too close to a heat source or on a windowsill heated by a radiator. While it is true that winter air is drier, plants generally grow more slowly in cold weather. As a result, they need less water, which can lead to root rot if overdosed. 

When watering, remember to use water at air temperature so as not to cause thermal shock to the plant roots. Blumat water sprinklers are very convenient in such a situation, as they draw water from the tank standing next to it, which remains at ambient temperature for a long time. In addition, the dispensers deliver water to the roots, which protects the leaves from flooding, which is very important in the case of some plants, e.g. African violet. While most plants need less water in winter, don't wait until those on your windowsill lose their leaves and start to dry before giving them something to drink. For plants on the windowsill, Blumat waterers will be the best solution, because the plant will draw water from the tank itself when it needs it, without waiting for us to realize that it has started to wither. 

Improve the humidity

Low humidity is probably the biggest obstacle in surviving the winter. Humidity levels in heated homes can drop as low as 10 - 20%, and plants prefer a level close to 50%. If you have a humidifier at home, place it in a room where plants can use it. If you don't have a humidifier, you'll have to raise the humidity level in other ways. 

You can group plants close together so that they can share the moisture they produce and the leaves excrete. If you have a bright place in the bathroom or kitchen, you can place plants there, because there is the most moisture coming from a hot bath or cooking. Another good option is the old trick of placing plants on or near a tray of water. Just don't let the plants stand in the water. Raise the bottoms of the pots above the water level by, for example, placing stones in the water and placing the pots on top of the stones. 

If none of the above methods are possible, spray the plants daily with a sprayer. 

Pay attention to the temperature

Most plants, like humans, feel comfortable with temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius during the day and above 10 degrees Celsius at night. Try to keep plants away from heat sources such as radiators, ovens, fireplaces and electronic devices, and don't place them in drafts. Temperature fluctuations can be just as damaging as prolonged periods of heat or cold.

Follow the sun 

In winter, not only is there less sunlight, but it also falls at a lower angle. You may need to move your potted plants to a brighter spot or even add artificial light. A good place for plants will be a window facing south or west, which will be bright all day. Just don't place the plants too close to the frozen glass. Rotate the pots as you water them so that all sides of the plant get some sun and that the plants grow evenly rather than stretching towards the light. On sunny days, when the temperature is round 10 degrees, you can put the plants on a balcony or terrace to provide them more light. 

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