Gravity drip watering


For watering plants on the balcony or terrace, we can use rainwater, which we will collect in a special rainwater tank, from which it will flow under the influence of gravity to our drip irrigation system. An example of such ready-made drip irrigation is the Tropf-Blumat set for watering of 12 plants. It is equipped with a special connector for the gravity tank, which will allow us to switch from the tank to the pipe supplying water to the plants with a diameter of 8mm. Just drill a hole with a diameter of 12mm in the bottom of the tank and connect the tank to our irrigation system. The rainwater tank must be installed in such a way that its bottom or outlet is located at a height of at least half a meter above the surface of the watered ground or irrigated plants. This will allow the water to flow freely and create the pressure necessary to push it through the drippers. Another element to pay attention to is the capacity of such a rainwater tank. Ideally, it should be a minimum of several dozen liters, a hundred liters or even more - then sufficient water will be provided for a longer period. When installing the water tank, follow the rule that it should be placed min. 50 cm above the plants to be watered, but not less than 10 cm for each meter of installation length. So, if we have 10 meters from the tank to the last dripper in the line, the tank must be placed min. 1 m above the highest plant. 


For our drip irrigation, you can use ready-made sets, such as, for example Tropf-Blumat set for watering of 12 plants, or create it from individual elements according to your needs.

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