How to water thuja trees on the terrace?


The video we would like to share with you comes from one of our installations, which we made at a client in Przemyśl. It was made on a beautiful terrace, which is planted with thujas in containers and hanging pots of begonias. This is an interesting installation because it shows the watering of thujas, which are quite large trees and are very demanding when grown in containers. For watering them, we usually recommend a combination of Tropf-Blumat Maxi drippers with a humidity sensor, to which we attach a chain of distribution drippers. The Tropf-Blumat dripper then serves only as a sensor, the dripping function is taken over by distribution drippers. The measurement is in one place, and the water is distributed around the tree so that the roots are evenly watered. In addition, you can see how to connect the second irrigation line of hanging pots to the row of thuja trees standing below. The entire system is connected to a tap on which we have installed a 1 bar pressure reducer. This installation once again showed us what wonderful people our customers are, as well as the fact that many of them like cats just like we do. There were three of them in this house and they were all beautiful. We also had the opportunity to see Przemyśl for the first time and we assure you that it was worth visiting. 

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