Elevated tank

From the questions you ask us, we have learnt that connecting the system to the water tank poses some problems. We would like to help you and help you make the right decision in this regard by giving you some hints on the most frequently asked questions.

What size tank would be most suitable?

The capacity of the tank must be adapted to the type of plants to be watered, their size and location. If we already have experience of watering plants by hand then we can get an idea of how much water our plants can drink in a day based on this. If we use a watering can to supply 15 litres of water to our plants every morning, the automatic watering will reduce this amount by half or more, but when estimating the size of the reservoir, we should be rather careful and choose a slightly larger one. We can assume that our plants will drink a minimum of 5 litres of water a day thanks to the automatic watering. If we are away for 14 days then our tank should be 14 x 5 litres, i.e. min. 70 litres. For safety reasons, it is better in this case to use a 100 litre tank. 

For some plants this will be enough, for others unfortunately not enough. If you have surfinias on a balcony or terrace and it is a south-facing side then this amount may not be enough. In our experience, using a 60 litre container to water 8 metres of surfinias on a south-west facing balcony was enough for 9 days. If there are fewer of these plants or they are, for example, herbs, geraniums then their consumption is less and the tank can be smaller. We can also use two smaller tanks if we have the space.

How to install the tank 

The first rule in installing the tank is to place it at the right height. The tank must be placed above the plants so that the force of gravity creates the right water pressure. We calculate the height of the tank placement based on the length of our installation. It must be placed 10 cm above the highest plant for every metre of installation. If the installation is on the terrace floor and is 10 metres long, the tank must be at least 1 metre above the plants. 1 metre above the plants. If the installation is 5 metres long and on the balcony railing, the tank should be 50 cm above the balcony railing.