Other accessories

Pressure reducer 1 bar

135.00złEx Tax: 109.76zł

The pressure reducer is permanently set at 1 bar (for the pressure of normal water pipes), include..

Pressure reducer 1.3 bar

139.00złEx Tax: 113.01zł

The pressure reducer is permanently set at 1,3 bar. The increased output pressure is for use ca..

Shut-Off-valve, 1 piece in blister

15.00złEx Tax: 12.20zł


Support rests (50 pieces)

115.00złEx Tax: 93.50zł

Support rests (50 pieces)..

Support rests 10 pieces, in blister

25.00złEx Tax: 20.33zł

Support rest for Tropf-Blumat irrigation system. Keeps the water supply tubing in the wr..

Corer for inserting the Tropf-Blumat Maxi dripper

39.90złEx Tax: 32.44zł

Tool for removing a soil core before inserting the Tropf-Blumat Maxi. The corer simplifies making ..

Hose cutter for Blumat tube

29.50złEx Tax: 23.98zł

Tool for making fast, clean, smooth and perpendicular cuts on any plastic or rubber tube up to 14mm ..

Security clamp, 5 pieces in blister

15.50złEx Tax: 12.60zł


Cap for closing of distr. dripper (3mm), 10 pcs

11.00złEx Tax: 8.94zł

Cap for closing ends of drip tubing lines on T-connectors (for temporarily shutting down). It can ..

Cover cap for Tropf-Blumat, 10 pcs

7.00złEx Tax: 5.69zł

Osłonka do zabezpieczenia śruby regulacyjnej kroplownika, do zastosowania po zakończeniu regulacji..

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