Tropf-Blumat set for 10 m plant boxes

705.00złEx Tax: 573.17zł

This Blumat set is designed for use on balconies with 10 boxes of 1 m apiece, but is also suitable..

Blumat Irrigation set for greenhouses - Blumat 100

1,085.00złEx Tax: 882.11zł

 Irrigation set Tropf-Blumat for self-assembly. Recommended for use in garden, greenhouse and..

Corer for inserting the Tropf-Blumat Maxi dripper

25.00złEx Tax: 20.33zł

Tool for removing a soil core before inserting the Tropf-Blumat Maxi. The corer simplifies making ..

Security clamp, 5 pieces in blister

14.00złEx Tax: 11.38zł


Universal bottle adapter Blumat Easy, single in blister

11.00złEx Tax: 8.94zł

Adapter for water bottles. It can be attached to each standard plastic water  bottle of size ..

Universal bottle adapter XL, 2 pcs. in blister

33.00złEx Tax: 26.83zł

Adapter for water bottles in size XL. It can be attached to each standard plastic water (or coke-)..

Water dispenser Blumat Classic, single cone

11.25złEx Tax: 9.15zł

Soil moisturizer for individual houseplants. It saves trouble for plants by too much or too less w..

Cap for closing of distr. dripper (3mm), 10 pcs

5.00złEx Tax: 4.07zł

Cap for closing ends of drip tubing lines on T-connectors (for temporarily shutting down). It can ..

Cover cap for Tropf-Blumat, 10 pcs

5.00złEx Tax: 4.07zł

Osłonka do zabezpieczenia śruby regulacyjnej kroplownika, do zastosowania po zakończeniu regulacji..

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